Yasser Fahmy

YFHE Have significant reputation in the Egyptian Market as original components and services provider gained all over years by working hard, joining the most qualified and trained team in the field in Egypt, improving our capabilities and qualifications, improving our infrastructure and facilities since January 1992. We are qualified enough and have significant reputation to meet our customers’ requirements and needs.

We supply hydraulic and pneumatic control systems, Linear motion technology, NC technology, Power transmission technology, and their components such as pumps, valves, cylinders, motors, power units, hydraulic oil seals and spare parts. Design and production of custom hydraulic power units, testing and repairing of hydraulic pumps, cylinders. Training courses for hydraulic and pneumatics systems. Flushing processes works for hydraulic systems. Hydraulic oil analyses, measurements of oil contamination (Analyzer & Microscope), water content. Supply the Training Stands and Didactic labs. For hydraulic, pneumatic and PLC components. Also providing the general and tailor training programs for hydraulic Pneumatics and PLC subjects.

Under-construction a Hydraulic Service Center in Tenth of Ramadan industrial city on 3000 m2 area for maintenance and repair of hydraulic & pneumatic components as well as producing the power units, also, hydraulic and pneumatic training center subjected to be completed during 2008.


15 Company sales cars, 3 service vehicle, 25 Personnel Computer connected to LAN, 8 external telephone line 50 internal telephone lines, 25 mobile phone lines, 3 copier machine, 5 fax machines, 7 printers, overhead projector, media show, 6 Lap tops, TV set, video machine. Oil laboratory: tools and instruments to test oil viscosity, contamination by electronic and microscopic, water content, oil filtration units Oil / Water separator. 3 Hydraulic power units for flushing processes of total 400 kW. Test bench of 80 kW, 900 rpm.

Our Customers fields:

2500 registered customers in the fields of:
Iron and steel, metal working, Building and Road Construction, Cement, Military, Agriculture, Aviation, Petroleum, Tunnels, Railways, Electric power stations, Textile, Plastics, Pharmaceutical, Brake and Tiles, Ceramics, Navy, Car, Domestic Equipment, and Laboratories.