Hours :


Price :

1200 LE
Value per Trainee in 1500 LE Value per Student in 1200 LE Value per Non- Egyptian trainee 500$ Minimum no. of trainees 6

Electro-Hydraulics Program:

Course Goal

Getting Acquainted with the construction, duties of the Electro Hydraulic components and system design of the Electro Hydraulic control systems

Trainees Engineers / Technicians
Supplied Tools

1 Catalogue for Hydraulic BR product range on CD
1 Handout

1 Animation Software on CDs

1st. Day

(5 Hrs.)
  • Definitions 
  • General description of Electro Hydraulic unit components of the Electro  Hydraulic circuits
  • Importance of using the Electro Hydraulic control
  • Elector Hydraulic Applications 

2nd. Day

(5 Hrs.)

Elector Hydraulic components:

  • Directional  control valves Electrically actuated
  • Electrical Switches
  • Relays
  • Actuators


(5 Hrs.)

Elector Hydraulic components:

  • Timers
  • Sensors

** Mechanical 
** Proximity

4th. Day

(5 Hrs.)

Different design of Electro Hydraulic Circuits and Execute it

5th. Day

(5 Hrs.)

Practical Experiments 


Course Dates

Title Course Date Instructor Name Reserve Course
Electro-Hydraulics 31/12/9999 م أشرف سمير
Reserve Course