Proportional valves

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1800 LE
Value per Trainee in 1800 LE Value per Student in 1800 LE Value per Non- Egyptian trainee 1500$

Proportional Control Valves :

Course Goal

Getting Acquainted with proportionality, servo & proportional techniques, proportional & servo Solenoids, constructions & duties of servo & proportional valves and amplifier cards

Trainees Engineers ( Mechanical & Electrical )
Supplied Tools

1 Volume Trainer No.2 Copy / Trainee
1 Volume Trainer No.2 on CD / Trainee
1 Animation Software

1st. Day

(5 Hrs.)
Introduction Conventional & Proportional Techniques

2nd. Day

(5 Hrs.)

Flow Control Valves

Proportional Flow Control Valves



(5 Hrs.)

Pressure Control Valves

Proportional Pressure Control Valves


4th. Day

(5 Hrs.)

Directional Control Valves

Proportional Solenoids


5th. Day

(5 Hrs.)

Amplifier Cards

6th. Day

(5 Hrs.)


Practical Training using Rexroth Didactic Stands

Course Dates

Title Course Date Instructor Name Reserve Course
Proportional valves 31/12/9999 م أشرف سمير
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